Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Susan Hiller at the tate

So I finally got to the tate britain without it closing this time barely, and had a mosey round the susan hiller exhibition and it was so good. Her work is just so full of really subtle and strange concepts that have been executed in such a clever magical way. Her work was so intense it made me feel very strange in the punch and judy room on childhood shows of violence.but the room i only half saw but the hole reason i wanted to go was the best, witness just looks so beautiful with little silver speakers hanging all around you, surrounding you in the murmur of recollection. it looks like a thousand little soap bubbles suspended in mid air talking to you in a dream. with the soft spotlight and bluish purple colours the room makes you feel as if you've accidentally stepped into a film and that you might be about to be abducted yourself at any moment. its amazing go see it!Tate Britain info!

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