Monday, 29 November 2010

Timothy Archibald

After looking at my Dyspraxia project I also found this series of photographs by Timothy Archibald 'Echolilia', in which he documents his son's Autism. Although dyspraxia isn't half way as bad as Autism, many people link the conditions as being in the same realm of experiencing the world. There can be quite a few overlaps in some people, in ways of communication and social interaction. Autism effects the way in which information is processed by the brain as with dyspraxia. I love these photographs especially from his series, the sense of containment you see his son is so moving. you understand a certain sense of him feeling like he wants to hide and experience things from a new perspective. The frustration and longing really reflects in the way its shot (there is something framing him in most of the photos), the way he's always looking away and in the way nothing is close to him; environment or otherwise. Also the dulled colours and lack of other people really isolate him in a very beautiful way.

Sofia Ajram

This is some photography I stumbled upon recently that I am absolutely in love with. Ajram has made something really other worldly, both in the sense of the way it looks like its a step into the past and the magical lights surrounding her subjects. The heavy contrast in her lighting and the limited colour makes it look very dramatic. Absolutely beautiful. Sofia Ajram on flicker

print work

Here are some more prints for the fables project along with a plan for my next linocut. Been having a hard time working out my compositions for it and how it works as a series but i think I've got it down now. Now I just need to make a whole load more lino's yay :S

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just a little more from my dyspraxia project sketchbook/diary final piece

More dyspraxia experience

In the mean time here are my final images that go in a sketchbook/diary in the middle of a room filled with reverberating sounds/voices with projections of the images on the walls. the installation is to show how disorienting dyspraxia can be and show how it can effect you. Hope you like them.

dyspraxia for the win

Just handed in my project if you can call it that, hopefully will have photos on weds of the installation part to it.

wolves in the wild

Unfortunately the picture was too big to fit all in one scan, so here's sections of a monoprint for the fable the wolf and the dog. The moral of the story is printed at the bottom of the image. I really like this piece actually, its a combination of all my favourite things in drawing: forests, wolves and in monoprint :D more work to come.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Dsypraxic's anonymous

More from my current project on dsypraxia; showing issues with co ordinating limbs, looking like an idiot, not riding a bike, and learning. some of these i think are works in progress and may be worked on later hopefully, starting to get creative block at the moment though. Not sure how exactly to continue with it ....

Friday, 5 November 2010

'Bone Hinge'

'Bone Hinge' Read this short story by Katie Williams illustrated by Sam Weber. The story is actually really beautiful, the imagery and her use of language is possibly the most evocative i've read in a while at least. And of course Sam Weber's illustration for it encapsulates the key features and puts them together in a way that's really clean and concise without revealing too much. If you want to read the short story click on the link here

James Turrell's 'Dh‚tu' at the Gagosian

Today visited the Gagosian gallery in Britannia Street near kings cross. James Turrell has put on a light exhibition designed to disorientate the viewer. You walk into a room made of light basically and watch as the colours slowly change colour or flash at you, with no object of focus you start feeling very strange.
When you first walk in you almost feel like your falling or your over balancing because you cant see where the walls start or end with the floor. Your eyes start to blur and you start thinking the room is full of smoke although there isn't.
This is very connected to my project on dsypraxia, your spatial awareness is so heavy effected by this exhibition. The colours are so beautiful as well it makes you feel really quite happy, in fact quite a few of the people I went into the room with started dancing around or laughing a lot. It was really very strangely enjoyable I definitely recommend it. The Gagosian Website