Monday, 29 November 2010

Timothy Archibald

After looking at my Dyspraxia project I also found this series of photographs by Timothy Archibald 'Echolilia', in which he documents his son's Autism. Although dyspraxia isn't half way as bad as Autism, many people link the conditions as being in the same realm of experiencing the world. There can be quite a few overlaps in some people, in ways of communication and social interaction. Autism effects the way in which information is processed by the brain as with dyspraxia. I love these photographs especially from his series, the sense of containment you see his son is so moving. you understand a certain sense of him feeling like he wants to hide and experience things from a new perspective. The frustration and longing really reflects in the way its shot (there is something framing him in most of the photos), the way he's always looking away and in the way nothing is close to him; environment or otherwise. Also the dulled colours and lack of other people really isolate him in a very beautiful way.

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