Saturday, 31 May 2014

Woodblock relief of Chang'e inspired piece

During the New Graduate Award at London Print Studio's I was advised to experiment with Photopolymer for intaglio and Relief printmaking and see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. Here is a woodcut version of the one of my photopolymer's to test out what the differences are.

Photopolymer for Relief

As part of my New graduate award I've been doing some bits and bobs with Photopolymer, here's my experiment with photopolymer for relief. As you can see it's much more finely detailed than the linocut relief I did of this picture a while back. I really love the outcome, although next time I'll make sure to clean up some of the grey half tone. The half tone gives a bit more detail in some areas and makes the image a little fuzzy in others. I was really surprised with the amount of detail you can get out of photopolymer though.  Here are a few shots of the plate and a mishap along the way in which I used the wrong press to print it. In the end I used the Vandercook letter press to print the above image.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Delayed Gratification - Dead Man Running

Final illustrations for Delayed Gratification next issue's 'Dead Man Running' the incredible true story of man faking his own death with murder schemes and stupidity. Fargo very much springs to mind. Well worth a look when it comes out. 

DG next issue

Preview of some of my illustrations for Delayed Gratification's next issue. Definitely the strangest and most interesting article I've illustrated so far.   

Photopolymer for Intaglio

Huge update to come as I've missed out a lot of what I've been doing lately. But here's a few of the best ones anyway. These are photopolymer etchings made from collages of the experimental paintings i posted a while ago with more painting over the top and exposed like a screen print onto an etching plate at London Print Studio as part of their New Graduate Award Scheme. It's been so much fun learning all these new processes. I felt like I was back at uni again, sigh if only! more on the letterpress and woodcut to come

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Photopolymer for Intaglio

Here is a few shots of the photopolymer for intaglio process for my Chang'e inspired piece. Finals to come. It's a really interesting process where you expose your etching plate with your image like a screenprinting screen and etch as normal. None of the horrible polishing plates or dunking your plate in acid.