Sunday, 6 May 2012

extracts from my up coming degree show

These selected pieces (not in chronological order) are of my grandmother learning martial arts by peeking because daughters weren't aloud to learn the family secret style incase they passed it on to their children. The next is my father going away to study and having to study alone because of the language differences.

More work for the show

Here are some final pieces for my installation. The boat shows when my grandparents travelled from China to Malaysia but had to leave my eldest uncle with friends of the family. when my grandparents and their children got to malaysia they worked the land for the English that occupied malaysia at the time. My father when he was a boy had little companionship because of the racism toward the Chinese amoung the Malay people, so he became friends with the chickens on the land, The last picture is a painting of the family house in malaysia.

Recent Work

Prep work for my final assessment installation based on the life of my father. I have illustrated moments from his childhood growing up in malaysia. Here are some environments i have drawn from pictures i took in malaysia and a sketch of a boy.