Thursday, 28 April 2011


Here are my pieces for the Cuts exhibition. They each have quotes from three different famous authors; John Fletcher, Charlotte Bronte and Norman Ralf Augustine. They each illustrate the effects of cutting education and the government's broken promises. How the cuts are choking any hope of growth out of our country. The government politicians never look to the future, only at how they can beat one another in the mean time.

Cut it up

Here are photos from our Cuts exhibition which i have neglected to put up before now.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Looking into the origins of blues and common themes in the lyrics for some of the famous singers has given me some cool imagery to work with. I think the relationship to slavery and manual labour is a strong one in the development of the blues and making something out of the cotton rail and old wooden barns could look really nice. Rocking chairs are also a common theme as well both for female and male singers with would be cool to draw.

also thought the Califone poster was cool so threw that in too. love the way the text and image work together and the white space around the thick black line creates a really nice impact.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Roots Records came up while I was looking at Bukka Whites images and I think these look really cool, really nice old photographs of very mood invoking iconography of the fields, transport and housing that blues come from.

Images for all the blues

Researching blues imagery, going to go back to the blues bar to take some photos of the posters they have up too. Some of the traditional posters have some really cool typography. Most of them use black/white photos of the singers playing on the covers too. Blues has some really direct links to drinking, smoking and gambling as well as the emancipation act and slavery.


Well as I am having no inspirations for the window designs what so ever Im going to change my project to something a little more manageable. So Ive looked through time out london and decided to create a identity for Aint Nothin' But Blues jam night.
I went to go have a gander last night and it was pretty packed even though the rest of soho was dead. This bar also projects a video feed of the live band onto the alley walls outside which looks pretty cool. However, the visuals were pretty cliched though and bad typography hand painted on to all the walls. All the posters and cd covers for the compilation cds were stolen from Lautrec and artists like that. Therefore Im going to make them an identity to keep them more in the running with the other soho bars around them. Im going to try an create a poster, tshirt and cd cover to promote their jam night. Here are some pictures from the night.