Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Hope

A man sitting behind us in The Hope cafe in Holloway road rolling a cigarette before bidding the waitress goodbye and turning out into the cold. 

Ink experiments

Belated update on work I've been doing for my New Graduate Award at the londonprintstudio. It took me a while to photograph these properly but over the past couple of months, I have concentrated my time on developing my drawing style and freeing up my way of working by creating more large scale experimental and expressive painting with inks and charcoal. I was asked to explore every mark I could possibly make and in this way I hoped to break from my small-scale drawings and the limitations of this kind of work. For inspiration I looked at contemporary Chinese woodcuts and tried to create mark-making work in light of their techniques. So here are just a few shots of the large scale work.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Woodcut prints

Woodcut workshop

Here are some images from my woodcut workshop at the londonprintstudio. The workshop was actually loads of fun and came out pretty happy with the results, although the colours weren't quite what I wanted I really loved that woodgrain showing through on the thiner inked run thoughs. I'll put a few prints up in the next post, the oil based inks do look gorgeous on these prints but the only thing with them is that they take soooooooo long to dry, think I'm going to stick to safe wash for the moment. 

Some belated posts

Sorry haven't posted for a while, here are some posts I've been meaning to put up for a long time. These are some of my ink drawings in preparation of a woodcut workshop at london print studio as part of my new graduate award scheme. I was asked to really experiment with my line work and get a bit looser in my drawing style. I was recently inspired by a chinese story about a hero shooting down 10 suns from atop a mountain, so I've been really interested in drawing mountains and suns from imagination and relying on expressive marks to denote the contours and roughness of the rock face and bleeding inks to represent the suns rays.