Friday, 24 December 2010

christmas in the new forest

Coming back to Hampshire for the christmas holidays. I've taken some pictures of the New Forest in the tail end of the snow. Hopefully will be able to use these in my work at some point since I draw forests quite a bit.

Monday, 13 December 2010

quotes project

here is my response to the week project on the quote "Science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. either we use those languages or we remain mute." - J.G.Ballard. The piece is meant to show technology taking over, the viewer cannot tell what the machine does or where the lines go. You are not meant to read the image coherently, and the purpose is mute within the confusion of the lines. However this is not as striking an image as I imagined, so I might re do it in monoprint and see if it looks any better over the christmas holidays.

Michael Ackerman

I found these on the guardian website of the 20 best photography exhibits recently and absolutely fell in love with his work. Ackerman's high contrast grainy analog photography of poland and places. So nicely composed and lit. The textures of the watery surfaces and the photo techniques he uses are just so lush. I love it. Its really quite like the work i would love to draw.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Darrel Rees

More from the heart agency, I thought fitted in very nicely to the quote by J.G.Ballard. Im not sure how much i can do of this college myself. I might try to take these elements and possibly the colour combinations and try to transfer them to my hand drawn ways of working. Might work well with monoprinting over colour washes perhaps.

Aude Van Ryn

been taking a bit of a gander on the heart agency website found a few really nice artists. Aude Van Ryn i thought has quite a cool sense of silhouetting the figure with i was thinking of doing in print. Also I thought the way they've done the complicated white lines over the images, with lots of different textures could be an interesting starting point for the studio practise. thinking of doing J.G.Ballard's science and technology multiply around us. To an increasing extent they dictate the languages in which we speak and think. either we use those languages or we remain mute.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Timothy Archibald

After looking at my Dyspraxia project I also found this series of photographs by Timothy Archibald 'Echolilia', in which he documents his son's Autism. Although dyspraxia isn't half way as bad as Autism, many people link the conditions as being in the same realm of experiencing the world. There can be quite a few overlaps in some people, in ways of communication and social interaction. Autism effects the way in which information is processed by the brain as with dyspraxia. I love these photographs especially from his series, the sense of containment you see his son is so moving. you understand a certain sense of him feeling like he wants to hide and experience things from a new perspective. The frustration and longing really reflects in the way its shot (there is something framing him in most of the photos), the way he's always looking away and in the way nothing is close to him; environment or otherwise. Also the dulled colours and lack of other people really isolate him in a very beautiful way.

Sofia Ajram

This is some photography I stumbled upon recently that I am absolutely in love with. Ajram has made something really other worldly, both in the sense of the way it looks like its a step into the past and the magical lights surrounding her subjects. The heavy contrast in her lighting and the limited colour makes it look very dramatic. Absolutely beautiful. Sofia Ajram on flicker

print work

Here are some more prints for the fables project along with a plan for my next linocut. Been having a hard time working out my compositions for it and how it works as a series but i think I've got it down now. Now I just need to make a whole load more lino's yay :S

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Just a little more from my dyspraxia project sketchbook/diary final piece

More dyspraxia experience

In the mean time here are my final images that go in a sketchbook/diary in the middle of a room filled with reverberating sounds/voices with projections of the images on the walls. the installation is to show how disorienting dyspraxia can be and show how it can effect you. Hope you like them.

dyspraxia for the win

Just handed in my project if you can call it that, hopefully will have photos on weds of the installation part to it.