Friday, 5 November 2010

James Turrell's 'Dh‚tu' at the Gagosian

Today visited the Gagosian gallery in Britannia Street near kings cross. James Turrell has put on a light exhibition designed to disorientate the viewer. You walk into a room made of light basically and watch as the colours slowly change colour or flash at you, with no object of focus you start feeling very strange.
When you first walk in you almost feel like your falling or your over balancing because you cant see where the walls start or end with the floor. Your eyes start to blur and you start thinking the room is full of smoke although there isn't.
This is very connected to my project on dsypraxia, your spatial awareness is so heavy effected by this exhibition. The colours are so beautiful as well it makes you feel really quite happy, in fact quite a few of the people I went into the room with started dancing around or laughing a lot. It was really very strangely enjoyable I definitely recommend it. The Gagosian Website

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