Tuesday, 1 March 2011

listen listen listen

While researching for this Diesel brief i stumbled upon this which is a one person listening room made from 20-foot shipping container that was filled with layers of fiberboard and compressed-polyester foam panels to cut out noises from the hectic outside. Made by MAT Studio & Elastik Installation for Tokyo Designers Week 2008. This makes listening to music a new experience since it is so rare we can shut out every other sound in the world and solely dedicate a space for the music to fill and overwhelm us. I want to make a space like this that you can go into and surround yourself in the song your listening to so completely. This is the best way you can really appreciate music, this is how you should listen to it all the time. I think this is why concerts are such an amazing experience; because its a room dedicated and filled with the music you want to listen to.

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