Tuesday, 12 April 2016

some new illustrations for DG

Some new illustrations for the latest issue of Delayed Gratification out now.
These are for an article called 'Under the influence' by the talented Loes Witschge, which talks about the shady world of lobbing and influencing government. Very well written and an interesting insight into our political system and what we call democracy. 
The first image is based on lobbyist Chis' idea that they have to plan meetings like military raids, essentially implanting the idea in the politician's head. The second image a hypnotist lobbyist. The third, forth and fifth are spot illustrations, one based on one of the lobbyists enjoying the shock factor of introducing himself as a lobbyist, one based on the exchange of money between lobbyists and politicians for their support in parliament, and finally an image base on the quote "As much as the ballot box is important, someone can walk through a door and achieve more in a one hour meeting than all the grassroots political work can in a lifetime."

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