Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Susan Hiller

Susan Hiller makes a lot of installation art work based around audio experience such as Witness in 2000 with earphones hanging from the ceiling, recordings in various languages describing UFO experiences. Which is reviewed by the Guardian here. and Wild Talents in 1997 which had 2 video projections, one monitor, lights, chair. described as a video and sound installation that works specifically with childhood themes: the unpredictablilty and threat of spontaneous unfocussed special abilities such as telekinesis or precognition, ‘wild talents ‘that, in a different context could be understood as traditional aspects of mystical religious experience. The work consists of two dramatic wall size projections using separate but paired images as well as a separate video component which combine to generate a work and space that startlingly questions the meanings of deviant experiences and knowleges as well as interrogating the nature of faith, the ways we understand belief and exploring our need for myth and fable. by the EAF website I like her projected visuals and hanging speakers these installations give off a very surreal but inviting look to the rooms, as if your stepping into the minds of the individuals the pieces are made about.

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